What is Healthful Living Coaching?

Healthful Living Coaching is way for you to determine your health and wellness goals. It is a way for you to create a plan for reaching your goals, and for discovering strategies that are effective for you. It is a way for you to stay focused on your Healthful Living Practice, to remain mindful of your intentions, and to be accountable for making progress.

Coaching is not teaching, although it is inevitable that both of us will learn from each other. Instead, it is meant to guide you in figuring out what you want for your health and wellness, what to do to get there, and how to stay consistent so that the changes you make stick.

What makes Healthful Living Coaching different?

Healthful Living Coaching is a little different from other approaches because it is based on my paradigm, or model, of holistic health and wellness, the Healthful Living Model. The model is complex, but in essence, it says that our health and wellness exist in four dimensions: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. These dimensions of health and wellness influence each other. An easy example is that if you have the flu, a physical illness, then your ability to engage socially with others will be negatively impacted (social health). Not being able to spend time doing things you enjoy with people you like may lead to feelings of depression (mental health). All of these things could result in you feeling less connected to others and to the universe around you (spiritual health).

You may have goals that seem quite specific to one or two of the dimensions of health and wellness. Even so, your Healthful Living Coaching experience will include thinking about and discussing how the things that you do for your health and wellness–your health behaviors–may affect you in all four dimensions. At the start of my own journey, you would have had a hard time convincing me that drastic changes in my body fat percentage would affect my social or spiritual health. But what actually happened was far different. I believe that if you at least pay some attention to each of the four dimensions of health and wellness, your ability to make effective, lasting changes in your health behaviors, and therby your health outcomes, will be enhanced. You may eventually develop and engage in your own Healthful Living Practice, a plan to mindfully integrate strategies that address the four dimensions of health and wellness in your daily life, in order to live healthfully and make ongoing progress toward that person you wish to be.

What does Healthful Living Coaching look like?

Healthful Living Coaching is a series of face-to-face or video chat conferences, each 50 minutes long, between you and I, that take place on a weekly basis. In a typical session, we will talk about where we left off, what your goals are, whether those goals have changed, what strategies you have used to make progress, whether those strategies worked or not, and why they worked or did not. We will set new goals if needed, consider and select strategies for them, and plot out a course of action for the coming week. Each week, you, as the client, will almost certainly have some homework to do. In coaching, you may have one goal that you want to work on for a brief time, or many goals that you want to prioritize and work toward over a longer time, leading to your own Healthful Living Practice. The coaching relationship may last for weeks, months, or even years.

Most of my coaching is done over Skype. If Skype is not working out, we can switch over to telephone.

Healthful Living Coaching will not always be easy, nor will it always be fun–though it will be fun much of the time. It will require introspection; taking hard looks at yourself in the mirror. It will require that you do some self-analysis and thinking about how honest you are with yourself.

Healthful Living Coaching is not about handing you answers. Healthful Living Coaching is about guiding you to find ways that help you to live the kind of healthful life you want. It will not make things easy, nor will it make the work of living a healthful lifestyle any faster. But it can remove a lot of the guesswork, increase your accountability, and help you to stay on track. It can give you a larger toolbox for handling the times when more healthful living seems too hard. It gives you a road to follow. It can be a map to your destination.

If you are only interested in a finite goal, such as having a certain waist size or reaching a certain weight, and intend to go back to way of living that got you into trouble, then Healthful Living Coaching is probably not for you. If you are motivated by a desire to find a lifestyle that helps you to become who you most want to be, then Healthful Living Coaching may have something for you.

How do I take the next step, to become a Healthful Living Coaching client?

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