How to Become a Healthful Living Coaching Client

If you have ideas about goals for your health and wellness, then I would be honored to discuss them with you and for you to consider Healthful Living Coaching to help you reach them. The schedule of fees for Healthful Living Coaching are below. Your first Healthful Living Coaching session is free, just for testing the waters.

All coaching is with me. I have no staff and no other coaches working with me. And until I have coaching partners who have gone through this process like I have, who know what it takes to make real changes happen, it will remain only me. Anything less would be unfair to the people who need the Healthful Living process in order to find their own way.

I have a limited number of client slots available. When it fills, I will maintain a reasonable waiting list, and keep people who are on the waiting list updated as to their status. If you already know that you want to become a client, you should let me know that in your first email so that I reserve a spot for you. I will invoice you for the plan you select, and you will have three days to send your payment before I release your spot to another client. Regardless of which plan you select, the initial session is free and does not count as part of the purchased coaching plan. If you purchase a 12-session plan, you actually get 13 sessions. If you purchase a 6-session plan, you actually get seven.

Once you are a Healthful Living Coaching client, you will have your client slot as long as you wish to remain a client and have an active, paid, session plan. If you discontinue and wish to restart Healthful Living Coaching, you will be added to the waiting list until a slot opens.

Schedule of Fees for Healthful Living Coaching

Number of Sessions Cost Cost per Session Weeks to Complete
1 session $75 $75/session 2 weeks
3 sessions $210 $70/session 5 weeks
6 sessions $390 $65/session 9 weeks
12 sessions $720 $60/session 16 weeks

Sessions are expected to be weekly, but hey, things happen. If it is my fault, we’ll tag another week on at the end. Otherwise, a plan is expected to come to completion in a reasonable time frame, as outlined in the fees schedule. So, we can take a week off here and there if you are going on vacation or will be otherwise unavailable.

Sliding Scale Services

At least five percent of my client slots will be available on a sliding-scale, based on demand and having a list of otherwise full-price-paying clients. These slots will be for people who are genuinely of impoverished means; if you are asking for and get one of them, it means someone else who needs it is not getting it. I want to make healthful living coaching available to anyone and do my part to reduce the horrific problems of health disparities in the western world, while at the same time remaining financially solvent myself.

Sliding scale sessions will not be free, and in order to qualify we will need to discuss your situation. I will hold anything you tell me in the strictest confidence. My suggested fee for each sliding scale session is $20 to $50. If we agree that you should be on a sliding scale, you can be on a 6- or 12-week plan, paying weekly for each session instead of multiple sessions in advance.

How to Become a Healthful Living Coaching Client

Here are the steps to becoming a Healthful Living Coaching client.

  1. Send me an email. I suggest using the Contact link in the menu bar, or you can email me directly: In the email, tell me a little about yourself, including:
    • your name and email
    • what ideas you have about health and wellness goals for yourself
    • what you have tried in the past, if you have worked on these goals before
    • your Skype name (it’s free from and you can use it on your phone, tablet or computer)
  2. I will email you back. In this email, I will give you available times for a free, 50-minute, first Healthful Living Coaching session so that we can get to know each other and talk more about where you are, and where you want to be. Send me an email choosing one of the available times and I will confirm, including my Skype information. I will also send you a worksheet to complete before we meet.
  3. We will meet on Skype for your free, initial Healthful Living Coaching session.
  4. Select a Healthful Living Coaching plan. If you decide that you want to continue as a Healthful Living Coaching client, decide which plan is the best choice for you and let me know. You can also do this from the start, to ensure that you get a spot if one is available. I will invoice you for the plan. Once you have paid for the plan, we will schedule your next session. In order to be flexible for your schedule and mine, we will schedule the next session at the end of each previous session.

And that’s it! You are on your way to Becoming Greater!

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