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For most of his life, Joseph had the goal of being healthy; of finding a way to be thin and physically fit… and this goal was part of the problem that kept him morbidly obese and made him sicker. Even as an expert Registered Nurse, nurse educator, and nurse scholar, Joseph continued to gain weight and develop chronic diseases. After he took up a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle, Joseph began to realize that it wasn’t an arbitrary end point like become healthy or lose 150 pounds that would help him to become the person he wished to be. It was the process; a Healthful Living Practice that he uses every day, from moment-to-moment. Once he understood that living healthfully was a better goal than reaching a particular weight, fitting into some size of jeans, or being able to run a marathon, everything changed. Joseph has lost over 200 pounds, completely reversed type 2 diabetes, eliminated a series of life-threatening infections, and recently completed the Leadville Trail Heavy Half, a 15.5-mile trail race on one of the toughest courses in the world. Today, Joseph continues to make progress toward the person he wants to be, through his own Healthful Living Practice.

Joseph is offering Healthful Living Coaching services to a limited number of clients. Healthful Living Coaching is based on the dynamic and holistic Healthful Living Model of Health and Wellness (HLM). The HLM proposes that one way human health and wellness is most strongly influenced is by our health behaviors–the things that we do for ourselves such as diet, physical activity, meditation, and spending time with others–and that when we pay mindful attention to our health in all of it’s dimensions (physical, mental, social, and spiritual) then we more effectively influence our health outcomes.

All Healthful Living Coaching is done with Joseph, directly. As such, there are limited client slots available for these services. Get started on your wellness journey today by scheduling your free, initial Healthful Living Coaching session!

What is Healthful Living Coaching?

How to become a Healthful Living Coaching client.

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The Healthful Living Model of Health and Wellness.

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